Valéria Marques feels good and safe in Portugal

“There are a number of situations here that help everybody to be more relaxed, to feel good and, especially, safe.”

Brazilian, Swiss, Australian and Portuguese: These are the four nationalities that Valéria Marques holds. During her life she lived in all these places – plus a few others – and has now decided to follow in the footsteps of her father and move to Portugal, for a life of tranquility and safety.

“I am making the best of this beautiful, marvelous country. I’m feeling great”, says Valéria Marques. Looking back over her life, Valéria says she left Switzerland for Brazil to join her parents, who were getting on in age, and because she wanted to start her own business. But she didn’t adapt to the Brazilian way of life.

“I opened a franchise of a repairs company, but after so many years in Switzerland, and with a Swiss mentality, Brazil just didn’t fit”, she explains. After many disappointments in Brazil she decided to settle in Portugal so that she could “live quietly” and enjoy the money she had made while in Switzerland.


A calm and fearless life

Valéria finds life in Portugal very pleasant. “I spend my days going to the gym or to the café with a friend, taking a walk to discover new places, or shopping, like everyone else. Just strolling and having fun, discovering new places”, she says. One of the things she likes most here is travelling, and that is something that also attracted her to Portugal, because “there is no shortage of destinations”.

She says that the beaches are wonderful and that she has discovered some spots in Portugal that she strongly recommends. “The beaches are wonderful. Last summer I had the opportunity to visit beautiful beaches and other places. Excursions are cheap and prices are low, and the people are friendly”, she remarks.

All in all, she says the experience in Portugal helps make her “feel relaxed, well and, especially, safe”. Safety is, in fact, what she stresses most, especially after her experience in Brazil. “You don’t get that fear of going out, of putting on a watch, or using your cell phone. That is what I have always looked for, peace.”

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