Living in Portugal: Vanessa and Fernando Paço don’t want to go back to Brazil   

“We won’t be going back. The plan is to stay forever.”

Vanessa and Fernando Paço were born in Brazil to Portuguese parents, but they decided to obtain Portuguese nationality and have been living in Portugal, hoping for a better life.

First they came for a month, to see if they’d adapt, this was especially important for Fernando, who was a little more reticent. This period of time was enough to obtain Portuguese nationality and find an apartment in Cascais, which they had chosen for the proximity to the ocean and for being near Lisbon, without all the bustle of the capital.

It was all so easy that, when they came back the second time they brought over their two children and two dogs and moved in to the apartment they had found.

Quality of life in Portugal

Besides the ease in finding a house and dealing with the nationality, there were other decisive factors. They felt that life was better in Portugal compared to Brazil, namely in terms of education, health and safety. “The simple fact that we can leave our kids to play out behind our building, or in the square or the park… We couldn’t do that in Brazil,” says Vanessa.

Back in São Paulo they ran their own restaurant. Here they also have their own business – they rent cars and have drivers, and the whole process is managed over electronic transport platforms. The difference is that in São Paulo they would have spent four hours in traffic every day. In Portugal, on the other hand, life is more laid back and relaxed, so they end up having more time to enjoy life.

These are some of the reasons they don’t think of returning to Brazil. “We won’t be going back. The plan is to stay forever,” Vanessa says.

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